Unturned is an open-world zombie game that is free to play. One of the reasons that this game is so popular is that you can explore a huge world. You can pillage villages all over the island that serves as the game’s central location.


The world takes tons of hours to explore completely. In fact, players that have been playing for over a hundred hours still report discovering new things. In addition, the game is updated often. The world is greatly expanded in these updates. Recently, the developer announced that he would be creating entirely new areas so soon there will be an even bigger area to explore in the game world of Unturned.

The little details make this game exceptional. Every area has a ton of fun things to discover. In addition, the landscape is constantly being changed by players who build small towns and even huge fortresses. While exploring on a PVP server, you may run into other players who want to kill you. This makes exploring this incredible game world all the more exciting and even scary, but some unturned hacks make this a piece of cake!

If you enjoy spending time in an open-world environment, Untuned is definitely the game for you. Unlike other games, you will never deal with repetitive, uninspired environments. Everything in Unturned is vibrant and interesting. We are confident that you will enjoy your time in the game.

Of course, the game isn’t just about exploring. There are zombies to be fought, fortresses to be built, and alliances to be made. It’s truly an exciting, unique game.


Counter Strike: Global Offensive is a first person shooter game that makes you go for it. You want to get better, you want to advance – you want to get good at tactical play. You feel as if you are a part of the game and that every step you make relates to your future. The game play feels real. And that feels surprisingly good.

Released on August 21, 2012, Counter Strike: Global Offensive is an objective based game where you progress as you meet each goal. Using cs go hacks also allows you to reach these goals easily. This iteration of the game contains new maps and locations, refreshing the atmosphere that was made popular when the first of the series was released in the early 2000s. There are five modes of online game play and two offline modes: Classic Casual, Competitive, Arms Race, Demolition, Death Match, Offline with Bots, and Weapons Course. These interactive modes allow you to change the feel of the game and add new variables to the mix such as weapons purchasing and the implementation of rounds.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive was met with positive reviews when it was released and still gets them now. The game play never gets old and playing online with seasoned players and newbies alike gives you a sense of where you stand on the skill spectrum.

Do you have what it takes? Find out with Counter Strike: Global Offensive.


Rust is a first person multiplayer game for the PC that simulates survival experiences and creates an environment for game play that is intense and unpredictable. Reminiscent of Minecraft, Rust takes you into a hostile environment and just drops you there, leaving you to fend for yourself. Creatures won’t just roll over and die so you can eat them – you have to hunt and then fight them if they decide to take you on instead of just running away. But those aren’t the only things you have to look out for…

If you don’t make adequate shelter, you will be exposed to the elements and could die. If you encounter other players who are trying to survive just like you are, beware. They may decide to steal your stuff, may be using one of the popular new rust hacks, may decide to be friends, or may decide to take you, their competition for resources, out.

Rust is raw.

Rust was released in 2013 and sold 150,000 copies in two weeks. Facepunch, the developers who created this engaging game, have already made millions.

If you think you can survive in this radioactive world, go for the gold. It’ll be a lot harder than you think, but you’ll have a great time trying to save your own life.

Rust is available on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.


Finally. That’s the sentiment many gamers hold in their minds about the new Diablo III: Reaper of Souls.  And they couldn’t be more right.

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls for Windows, Mac, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 was released on March 25th to fans who had come to expect a decent game but not the out-of-this-world game play they experienced with Diablo II.  But incredible it is and gamers are pleasantly surprised.

The many patches and upgrades that Diablo III: Reaper of Souls went through have paid off and now the game play and storyline are so much more advanced that gamer can actually spend the hours on it that Blizzard expected them to before.  There is a new villain and new worlds.  Gamers can also try out new powers like Epiphany, Avalanche, Piranhas, Vengeance, and Black Hole.  Gain rewards like Paragon ability points.  Experience a revamped loot system that is more intuitive and functional than before.    Diablo III: Reaper of Souls feels fresher, feels more rooted.  The game feels outright phenomenal.

If you liked any other version of Diablo III: Reaper of Souls, you are bound to love this new one.  Reflective of real thought, concept testing, and sheer luck, Diablo III: Reaper of Souls combines the best from what people loved in Diablo II with new goodies that will bring hours of fun.  Dungeon crawlers, don’t miss this game!


Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition for PS4 was released on March 4th and has already gotten rave reviews from gamers.  This top down game is a veritable shooting frenzy.  Zombies come out of the woodworks in droves, rushing your relentlessly.  Your only recourse is to keep shooting, blow something up, and run.  Copious amounts of blood and gore punctuate every scene.  Zombie limbs fly in the wake of explosions.  It’s a visceral display, but also an action-packed roller coaster ride that you won’t want to get off.

No wonder people are already calling this the best Dead Nation game ever.

There are many features available in this, the newest iteration of Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition, including HD, score challenges, and in-game stat checks.  But what some players find most appealing is broadcast mode.  Broadcast mode allows you to stream your game and allow viewers to influence the difficulty you experience.  Viewers are given the opportunity to vote on what should happen next.  For instance, they can choose to provide you with more ammo or incite a zombie pack to come after you.  There are 30 different scenarios that they can vote on.

Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition takes gaming to the next level.  Its interactive nature allows players to branch out beyond the confines of the console.  The ability to communicate with other players during game play is a sought after functionality that doesn’t always work out as well in practice as it does in theory.  Housemarque’s Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition changes all of that.  Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition is imaginative, innovative, and just plain fun.